Link Financial
a link financial payment plan could take the pressure off your finances

The golden rule is not to ignore the problem

If your account is overdue or in default, the money you owe needs to be repaid in full as soon as possible. If you can't pay everything you owe now, we may be able to take a little pressure off your finances by accepting a regular amount from you over a longer period. However, in order to qualify for a payment plan we do need you to be fully open with us and to show us that you genuinely cannot pay now and need this extra help. You will need to demonstrate to us that you can keep to a fair payment plan taking into account your income, essential outgoings and your other financial commitments.

You will need to commit to not take out additional credit during this period. In most cases, we should also be able to prevent extra interest being added to your debt. The golden rule is not to ignore the problem - it isn't going to go away. It is important that you take action now.

Like we have done with many thousands of others, we want to work with you to help get your finances back on track. If you wish to apply for a Payment Plan please download the form here and return it to us once completed.

Post: Link Financial Outsourcing, PO Box 30095, London SE1 7WU

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